Applications for the Startup Factory pre-acceleration program’s third cycle are open from August 16 until September 12, 2018.

Who can apply? Teams and startups younger than 12 months that are developing high-tech solutions and consist of 3 to 5 (at least 18-year-old) members with complementary skills.

Startup Factory provides intensive education, top mentors, ZICER’s infrastructure, promotional support, and networking.

The best teams receive no equity financial support from a fund worth HRK 800.000 and ZICER’s continued support.

arrow icon Your application is eligible if you are using ICT and/or KET to bring innovation to:
Health and Quality of Life Health and Quality of Life
Energy and Environmental Sustainability Energy and Environmental Sustainability
Transportation and Mobility Transportation and Mobility
Safety Safety
Food and Bioeconomics Food and Bioeconomics

* these areas are in line with the Croatian Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). Tourism, lifestyle, education and fintech related solutions will also be considered.

Program 2018

SEP 13 - SEP 16

OCT 9 - NOV 30
Pre-acceleration Program’s 8 Modules

Teams 2018


4REAL is a matchmaking app for organizing different kinds of athletic and social activities. The app helps you find missing players for your sports matches (say football or basketball), as well as other social activities, such as Monopoly. 4REAL is like Tinder for sports, board games and various other types of recreation.

AI - Design is a web application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create presentations. It can save up to 90% of time users spend on making presentations.

B!teMe Bar

B!TE ME BAR is a range of functional healthy snacks made from dried fruits and nuts enriched with nutrients. Thanks to the added nutrients, with a single snack, you can now receive a daily dose of vitamins and minerals as well as enhance focus and energy. With the B!TE ME BAR online platform that will enable customers to create and buy their own B!TE ME snacks online, we also offer a web application for creating a personal diet plan.

Deal App

Deal is an app that connects people who need help with cleaning, ironing and other household chores with the ones providing the help. The main advantages are availability of providers based on the location, review system so you could always choose the right person for the job, but also flexibility for providers regarding the time when and where they want to work. App is going to stimulate self-employment, especially when it comes to student population earning some extra pocket money.


Emple is a modern menu for the HoReCa industry which offers guests the ability to charge their phones and digitally order drinks and food. Emple is also a very strong marketing platform because it can run video advertisements.

Eventrify Smart Solutions

Eventrify Smart is an event engagement platform that help organizers and brands to improve event experience and success through new ways of attendee interaction and journey metrics.


A health tourism mobile app and web platform.


MAKABI is introducing a new approach to plant nutrition/protection by applying smart microcapsules during the organic production of food and other agricultural products. Using smart microcapsules loaded with bioactive substances will reduce the use of agrochemicals (mineral fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides) harmful to human, plant and animal health and improve the production of healthy and functional foods.

MIA - digital receptionist

MIA - digital receptionist is an innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence to receive calls, answer inquiries, manage reservations, send reminders and invoices, and balance busy schedules. MIA is designed to help small businesses, such as beauty and hair salons, clinics, therapists, consultants and cleaning services that aim to increase the number of customers, reduce late cancellations and optimize their business.


OmoLab is a lab for visual communication. We are a group of experts from various fields gathered with one goal – development of visual communication tools for those who see the world with a different set of eyes. So far, these tools include OmoType, a family of fonts designed specifically for people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties, and a mobile application OmoReader that optimizes the use of OmoType font family.


Peekator is a digital mystery shopping company that helps clients discover and identify their weak points. Using our own software, we collect data from our mystery shoppers, analyze, and present them through visual reports to the client.

Silver Monitor

Silver monitor – a bracelet and software platform for healthcare telemonitoring of elderly patients.


Wireless telecommunication over long distances for commercial unmanned aerial systems. It enables transfer of large quantity of data in real time from air to data processing centers, including areas with poor signal coverage.


Tracy is a mobile solution that helps small and medium food manufacturers regarding traceability. Using barcodes, manufacturers will be able to track raw materials from the point of entry into the company, through production processes until delivery of finished products to customers. Tracy helps manufacturers identify food products which are not in line with their quality standards, thereby contributing to food safety on the market.

Transfer Hero

TransferHero is a shared and environmentally sustainable airport transfer solution. We enable travelers to pay 40% less for their taxi ride while enabling drivers to earn up to 30% more by using our smart matchmaking algorithm, and we also plant a Paulownia tree for every transfer we make and, in that way, completely cancel out the traveler’s flight and ride carbon footprint. 


Wingo is a table with an integrated heating system, suitable for terraces of bars, restaurants, and homes during the winter season. While you are cozy and warm seated around the awesomely designed Wingo table, Wingo saves the energy and keeps our environment clean and green.

Zebra Cross

Zebra Cross - we provide safer traffic by creating safer and smart pedestrian crossings. In bad weather conditions, with poor visibility, Zebra Cross warns drivers about people on pedestrian crossings and, at the same time, illuminates those people.


Production and use of security devices note steady growth, especially in the segment of alarm technical systems. We are creating an Electronic Wireless Alarm Tamper Device (EWATD) which combines the functionality of several different alarm devices and technologies in one housing.

Hrvoje Horvat

Startup Factory gave us a chance to become part of the startup community – a community in every sense of the word. Everyone here is willing to work together and help each other. I think that is what brings me the most joy. To stumble upon that kind of togetherness in today’s world is priceless.

Hrvoje Horvat

co-founder, SightRun
Kata Barišić

Startup Factory is a splendidly designed program aimed at entrepreneurs who are entering the startup world. This is where we’ve received every possible kind of support, including finances, mentoring and friendship. The program exceeded all my expectations - I give it a 10!

Kata Barišić

co-founder, Zagreb Time Travel
Marko Jukić

As an excellent initiative by the City of Zagreb, Startup Factory addresses early-stage startup needs. By providing financial and mentoring support, this program makes a difference and enables quick growth – from prototype to functional business. As Startup Factory pilot cycle participants, we have received many benefits through the network of contacts and mentors as well as financial support for further development of Vollo.

Marko Jukić

co-founder, Vollo
Sandra Bortek

No one says it was easy but, with new friends and mentors’ support, the goal quickly started to seem closer. It is not very often that one finds a place where valuable advice is both freely given and received.

Sandra Bortek

co-founder, SightRun
Zoran Mičuda

Startup Factory team has people who can help any startup turn its ideas into reality.

Zoran Mičuda

co-founder, Holy
Goran Ladišić

A big thank you to Startup Factory! Your help coupled with practical, useful activities propelled a small country’s initiative into changing the world for the better.

Goran Ladišić

founder, Freewa

Past Winners

Zebra Cross
Zagreb Time Travel


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